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Betfair Odds Boost

Introducing a new feature into the Betfair Sports App, Odds Boost allows customers to increase their potential wins by boosting their odds.

The Problem

the competitive industry of sports betting, it’s crucial to constantly strive to attract, retain and delight customers. As a result, a key component to achieving this is rewarding loyalty, which is rated as the second most significant driver of customers engagement. After asking customers how they felt about the Betfair brand’s loyalty proposition, it was clear that improvements needed to be made to retain customers after activation.

The Landscape

  • The competitive environment for sports bets is hyper-competitive and saturated
  • Differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult. That means most money back promotions don’t necessarily translate into engagement
  • Perceptions around rewarding loyalty, or the lack thereof, are core factors for customers leaving a brand, also for selecting a new brand
  • Offers are specific to sport, event or times, and customers want flexibility
  • Customers could be confused by different offers terms and conditions.

Proposed Solution

Customers will have the opportunity to boost the price of any selection of their choice. The intention is to offer customers a personalised loyalty experience that emphasises control, excitement and distinct generosity over competitors.

Test Journeys

To understand how customers find and interact with the service we created a simple Mockup and tested it. The journeys had few steps focusing on the bet placement phase of betting on a sport. Key elements aimed:
  • Clear awareness of the availability
  • Easy to learn about
  • Simple to activate/deactivate
  • A clear indication of which price was boosted
  • Visibility of the outcomes of boosted prices
  • Creative transitions to highlight the change of odds and returns
The test validated the concepts and allowed us to proceed to map the whole experience from activation to conversion in a simple flow.

User Flow

Because of the complexity of the feature, it was important to have a bird’s eye view of how it would interact with other features and parts of the user journey. With support from Product Managers and the dev teams, we managed to map the use of Odds Boost in a simple User Flow before designing and validate that with stakeholders.


Based on the previous explorations and analysis, I created a prototype with the desired journey for Odds Boost, where the user could understand better the feature with a quick onboarding, and use it to boot the odds for Leicester to win over Liverpool, increasing the odds from 2.4 to 2.8.

Prototype can be seen here

Full UX Journeys

With confidence in testing the prototypes, we moved to provide the full scope of the journeys, paying attention to all edge cases and interaction with other features

  • The main purpose of the wires was to give an idea of the information architecture, journey progression and copy of the elements
  • The designs were influenced by feedback by testers on how the feature should behave
  • At this point, not many variants were created, once we tested the mockup with success and then validated the prototype
  • The prototype greatly improved the density of the design elements also added more visual queues of the changing elements
  • The information architecture of the prototype tried to follow a more natural direction of the buttons, taking into consideration the presence of several different interactive elements plus CTAs on the page

Measures of Success

The key metrics for measurement of success of the feature were:
  1. Utilisation by eligible customers
  2. Average betting days and amount in a month
  3. Brand association with rewarding loyalty

Outcomes and results

Betfair UK and Ireland Customer insights reported a high level of satisfaction on the 15 day trial of the feature

Very High Score

Ease of Use


Customer Satisfaction


Tokens Redeemed


Boosted volume